AESify - Encrypt Your PDF Files Easily

AESify is my new project. It’s a PySimpleGUI based GUI for pikepdf (qpdf). You can use it to encrypt PDF files with “military grade” Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encyption.It’s free to use and open source ūüôā


  • Encrypt PDF files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encyption
    • AES-128 bits
    • AES-256 bits
  • Support to set “Document open” and “Permissions” (Owner) passwords
  • Set document restrictions
    • Print resolution
    • Document assembly
    • Content copying
    • Commenting
    • Filling in form fields
  • Define a page range if you just want to export a part of your PDF
  • Create strong passwords
  • Ready for localization (EN and DE already included)
  • Supported OS: Windows 10 and Linux (e.g. Ubuntu 20.04)

Download AESify here:
AESify on Github (Windows, Linux)
AESify on (Linux)


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